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Why You Should Avail of Special Packaging Services


Did you know? Your trusted pharmacy in Birmingham, Alabama at PharmSouth Pharmacy offers modified packaging for your prescriptions.

The service allows you to customize the packaging of your medication in a way that promotes the highest convenience for your needs, making your medication easier to take on schedule and always at the right dose.

Among the packaging choices you can avail of in our compounding pharmacy include but are not limited to the following:

  • Group Packaging
  • Blister Packs
  • Bubble Packs
  • Prefilled Insulin Syringes
  • Individual Packaging
  • Child-Proof Safety Caps
  • Clear Vials with Large Prints
  • Multiple Prescription Group Packaging

With more convenience, taking your medication can be easier, leading to these specific benefits:

  • Safety Blister packaging, one of your choices for special packaging, can ensure safety as it gives you the exact amount of dose in sealed compartments.
  • Easier handling Special packaging makes opening and handling your medication more convenient as you can choose the packaging yourself.
  • Independence Special packaging reduces your need for assistance.
  • Savings Special packaging is typically more economically priced than standard packaging, especially since you can customize the packaging to include your other prescriptions.

Interested in getting special packaging for your medication? Don’t think twice, call us today to get started. You may also visit our drug store in Alabama to discuss the specifics of your needs in person.

We also offer a wide range of medical supplies for your convenience.

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