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Food-Drug and Drug-Drug Interactions


Food and medicines are necessary to one’s wellbeing. A person cannot survive without these essentials. But do you know that there are some food and drugs you should not take together?

Food and drug interaction is a thing. It happens when a person takes contradicting substances which may lead to alterations and health concerns. You might be wondering why the effect of the meds you bought from a drug store in Alabama is different than what you expect after taking them together with food, beverage, or other drugs. Well, these might be the culprit.

Examples of these combinations are as follows:

  • Food vs. Drug

    Blood thinners such as warfarin can be useless when you eat Vitamin K-rich foods.

  • Liquor vs. Drug

    Acetaminophen plus alcohol puts you at risk of liver toxicity.

  • Drug vs. Drug

    Combining antihistamine with sedatives can keep you too sleepy to fulfill your tasks.

Whether it is from a retail or a compounding pharmacy, it is always right to know the active ingredients of medicines or ask a pharmacist about them. That way, you can avoid the incompatible combinations of food, beverages, or other medications.

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