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How to Avoid Medication Errors


Medicines help people heal from various diseases. Either over-the-counter or fresh from a compounding pharmacy, it is recommended to keep a medicine kit at home for emergencies, and this should include enough remedies and medical supplies.

However, some people tend to misuse these meds, and if this continues, it may lead to more complications than healing.

How can we avoid medication mistakes? Here’s how:

  • Dispose of expired supplies.

    Proper disposal of expired products is a must. Expired medications such as liquid antibiotics and insulin can cause damages to health, particularly to a person’s kidneys. Check your emergency kit regularly and replace items with new stocks.

  • Follow your prescriptions.

    Skipping doses and not finishing your treatment can be dangerous to your health. Follow the recommendation of your doctor to avoid drug resistance and for proper healing.

  • Do not share your prescribed medicines with others.

    Illnesses may have their similarities. You may have the same symptoms as a loved one, but that doesn’t always mean you have the same condition. Sharing your medicine can cause harmful reactions, allergies, or worsening of condition as these may not be suitable to them.

As a drug store in Alabama, we firmly believe that people have to be responsible for storing and taking medicine at all times. PharmSouth Pharmacy cares for you and your family’s safety above anything else.

So when it comes to pharmacy in Birmingham, Alabama, choose the one that cares for you. Call us now at 205-991-5265.

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